Subject: Re: problems compiling ssh-1.2.17
To: Anne Bennett <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/18/1997 00:13:36
>I've been able to get ssh-1.2.17 working on NetBSD/pmax of about April
>15.   The snapshot didn't work for me, though, so I did actually have
>to build a complete tree - maybe something that was fixed after the
>snapshot was made is causing you trouble.

To be honest, I'm using an ssh 1.2.16 binary compiled under Ultrix,
running on NetBSD with Ultrix-compatiblity mode.  That works perfetly
for me; I use it for CVS updates of the NetBSD source tree, so I think
it's working.

My first guess is that the Makefile rules to build ssh libraries from
assembler sources don't work with a NetBSD ELF target.  If ssh works
properly on IRIX 6, then the relevant assembler magic
(.cprestore/.cpsave, and assembling with .abicalls or -DABICALLS) are
probably in there somewhere.

I know that's pretty vague. Does it help any?