Subject: Re: Can someone test out a GENERIC kernel on a 3100?
To: Michael L. Hitch <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/16/1997 14:25:48 (Michael L. Hitch) writes:

>  OK, I finally was able to duplicate this using "tar xvzf /a/x11r6.3.tar.gz"
>on my 3100.  This is with a 1.2E kernel from -current as of May 14 plus all
>my current changes for r4000 support.


>  Now that I have a configuration that can easily be hung, I can work on
>trying to track down why it's hanging.


>  One interesting thing I noticed:  the sii driver does not negotiate
>synchronous transfers, but does accept synchronous transfers if the disk
>requests them.  The HP disk and RZ58 drives did not request synchronous
>transfer, but the RZ56 drives do.

Sync vs. async. Interesting. Yet how come 1.2.1 works, and 1.2D doesn't?