Subject: Re: problems compiling ssh-1.2.17
To: Anne Bennett <>
From: Tracy J. Di Marco White <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/13/1997 20:26:08
}Has anyone successfully installed ssh-1.2.17 (or any other version)
}under netbsd/pmax, either 1.2 or current?

I've got it compiled under current of about mid-march, and
stock 1.2, both on 5000/240s.

}I'm running the mid-March snapshot of netbsd/pmax on a DECstation
}2100, and I'm having trouble compiling ssh.  First there was a
}spurious complaint from configure in gmp, which was eventually fixed
}by setting CC=cc in the environment.

}I remade and reinstalled libwrap on the offchance that it was the
}problem, but this had no effect.  I have no idea what the PIC stuff is
}about, and to top it all off, the Makefile for ssh does not work well,
}in that lots of stuff is recompiled when it shouldn't be (thanks to
}some cute use of temporary files).  Sigh!

I used configure and make, and they worked just fine... however, I did
not compile ssh using --with-libwrap.

}Anyway, if anyone can suggest an approach with respect to the PIC
}complaints, and if anyone has any ideas as to why libwrap is causing
}problems, I'd much appreciate enlightenment.

}BTW, ssh compiles just fine under netbsd/i386 version 1.2.

Not sure if it would help, but if you'd like to see my config files, I'd
be glad to send them to you.

Tracy J. Di Marco White