Subject: Re: Xcfbpmax on DS5000/25 - problem with mouse pointer
To: Jan Mueller <>
From: D. Sean Davidson <davidson@ZK3.DEC.COM>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/30/1997 08:31:18
Jan Mueller wrote:
> Hi !
> Just got a keyboard and a monitor for my
> 5000/33 and setting up X, so my question is:
> is the bug (mouse positioning) in Xcfbpmax fixed
> and is there a binary avaliable ??
> BTW: I have a LK 501 keyboard with german
> layout, i think i can use xmodmap to get the
> keys right. Did anyone create a keysyms-file ??
> And is there support for the console too ??
> Thanks, Jan.
> ------------------------------------
> Jan Mueller

I don't have any problem with the mouse position with the 1997-03-16
snapshot, kernel and the shared x11r6.3 kit.  This is on a 5000/25
with a SFB (PMAGB-B).  All the support for using xkb is there and I
use this to remap some of my keys like the F1 to be an ESC on a LK201.

	xmodmap -e 'keycode 86 = Escape'

You should be able to build any keymap with the standard xkb tools.

There was no german xkb files in the x11r6.3 source kit for the LK501
so it is not in the x11r6.3 snapshot.