Subject: 3100 woes [was Re: libdl?]
To: Steven E Lumos <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/24/1997 17:31:58
>It would be nice if anybody out there was willing to help people get
>started.  We for example said that we more than happy to help debug
>the problem with hangs during disk access on 3100s, if somebody would
>just tell us what we needed to do, but apparently nobody thought it
>was worth the trouble.

It's not  that nobody thought it worth the trouble, as much as I
don't have time to contact everybody.

Will Ferry says that the 1997-03-16 snapshot kernel works fine on his
3100 but that newer kernels don't. I'm stuck with that one: the sii
driver itself has not changed since October 1996.  I'm no longer sure
what i should be looking at.

I've sent Will a couple of patches for potential problems with the
driver but those don't seem to have any effect. 

Since I don't have a 3100,, I cannot reproduce this myself. I really
don't know what's going on with the sii driver, and hacking at random
isn't likely to be useful.

What  would be really  useful to know is:
	* what disks people with problems are using
	* whether they're using SCSI-2 cables and correct termination
	* what the last version of the kernel was which worked on
	  their 3100, if any
	* When the machine first started wedging
	* whether there's any indication that this is _really_
	  a disk-access problem, or something else.

I *could* try adding a hook to get an LK-201 key (DO, maybe?) to panic
the kernel and/or print a stack backtrace.  Or someone could try
frobbing the code at sys/arch/pmax/dev/sii.c around line 727, to make
it do something useful without kadb.

I guess that means being able to build a kernel, and if your machine
doesn't stay up long enough to do that, doing *anything* is pretty hard.