Subject: Re: Problems on a dec5000/25
To: Scott Gasch <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/19/1997 18:11:34
On Apr  7, 10:43pm, Scott Gasch wrote:
> 	3) The right shift key does not work only under X.  Trying to
> 	change this via xkeycaps/xmodmap does not work.  I seem to be
> 	able to redefine any other key except the right shift.  The
> 	left shift works fine.
> 	If anyone knows anything about any of these problems, please
> 	help me out.  The shift thing is particularly annoying; I
> 	have a feeling that it is a simple problem but I am not sure
> 	how to proceed.  Thanks in advance.

  Finding the non-functioning right shift rather annoying, I finally
started trying to find out what the problem is.  At first, I thought
it might be a problem with the kernel, but it appeared that the kernel
keyboard driver was passing the shift key to the X event buffer correctly.

  I then started looking at the X server, and it appears that the problem
is with the X server.  The old X11R5 server lk201 keyboard handling seems
to have only a single shift key defined, which is the keycode for the left
shift on the Maxine keyboard.  The X server will need to be modified to
recognize and handle the right shift keycode.

  An easier workaround might be to hack the keyboard driver for the Maxine
to replace the right shift keycode with the left shift keycode when passing
the keycodes to the X event queue.


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