Subject: pmag-aa
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/02/1997 10:39:47
Yep, sounds like something in the console driver code needs tweekin. At
some point during booting it switches from using the console rom routines
to its own code.

The Xcfbpmax is the X server that should work. Xmfbpmax assumes 1 bit/pixel
packed 8 to a byte. The pmag-aa uses 1 bit/pixel, but has it in the low
order bit of each byte (ie. 1 pixel/byte), which is what the Xcfbpmax uses.
(Of course, since you only have a 1 bit pixel, you don't have a lot of
 colours to choose from:-)

Good luck with it, rick