Subject: X11 problem.
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Alexandre Lamotte <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 04/01/1997 17:03:06
Hi ,

      I've been trying to put the X11R6.3 to work on my DEcstation 
for so long and It's driving me crazy. :)

   Here are the step I've done 'till now:

 - I got the 1997-03-16 kernel snapshot.
 - After this, I put in my system the distribution kit of X11R6.3
located in
 - I put the following lines in my rc.local file:

  " if [ -f /usr/X11R6.3/bin/xfs ]; then
            /usr/X11R6.3/bin/xfs & echo -n 'xfs'

    if [ -f /usr/X11R6.3/bin/xdm ]; then
            /usr/X11R6.3/bin/xdm; echo -n 'xdm' "

 - When I rebooted the system, no errors messages occurred.
 - Issuing the command " ps -ax ", I can see the process xfs and xdm
running but the graphic console doesnt show up.
 - If I went to another system with X enviroment, and telnet my system,
the graphic applications can start, great ! the xdm server is working.
 - Taking a look at the xdm-errors I can found:

   " Fatal server error:
     no screen found
     xdm error (pid 119): IO error in XOpenDisplay
     xdm error (pid 111): Display :0 cannot be opened
     couldn't open RGB_DB 'store/lib/X11/rgb'
     couldn't open /dev/mouse    ".

   Have I done anything wrong ???? :(
   Could anyone save me ???
  Thanks in advance.