Subject: Re: installation help
To: None <>
From: Andy Sparrow <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/24/1997 20:17:18
Hi Isaac.

Try these notes (email re-use, I like it ;) :

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> Can anyone tell me how to run disklabel? I have a DECStation 2100 with 3
> disks. 1 Ultrix 4.2a disk, and 2 empty. I copied the disklabel program,
> rzboot and bootrz to the Ultrix disk (along with the rest of the
> distribution). I tried to use the following command to write the
> disklabel:
> disklabel -w -B -b rzboot -s bootrz /dev/rz1c RZ56
> disklabel: bootrz: Invalid argument

The two files 'rzboot' and 'bootrz' need to be in the '/usr/mdec'
directory on the machine running 'disklabel'.

This won't interfere with the file already there, because Ultrix
uses a file with a different name, so this is "safe" :)

> Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Note that some combinations of options seem to cause 'disklabel'
to fall over (segmentation fault). This is probably the options
that cause it to read the BSD label when there isn't one, IIRC...

I found it easiest to use the:

	disklabel -R -B /dev/rz?c <protofile>

form of the command, which almost always seems to work fine for
me, whether the drive has a BSD label on it or not.

Hope this helps.



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There's a sample <protofile> in the Ultrix disklabel package,
edit to suit your drive parameters.