Subject: Re: disklabeling an we go again.
To: Greg Obremski <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 02/03/1997 18:55:42
On Feb  3,  6:38pm, Greg Obremski wrote:
> # disklabel -w -B -b rzboot -s bootrz rz1 rz56 
> disklabel: partition a: offset past end of unit
> disklabel: partition a: partitino extends past end of unit
> ....etc, all the way on down to h.
> Let's pop on over to the pmax-ports archive and look this up..yep. it's 
> bitten others in the butt, too.

  Are you sure this problem has shown up before?  I don't remember having
any trouble with the rz56 entry, even before 1.2.  There was some trouble
with another disk entry due to the totals sectors on a disk being greater
than the calculated value from the disktab entry.  That only caused a
problem with partitions that ended at the end of the disk.

  Your message indicates that every partition starts AND ends past the
end of the disk.  This is a little hard to believe:  partition a starts
at block 0, and I don't know how 0 could be beyond the end of the disk.

  When your system boots up, what does it report for the number of blocks
on the disk?


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