Subject: Re: problem seeing disks
To: Yoseff francus <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/29/1995 15:50:54
> A 5000/120 - 3MIN box. It has 2 internal rz25s (rz0, rz1) an internal
> CD drive (rz4) and then an expansion box with a Seagate 1GB disk (rz2).

What kind of Seagate?   Is it a SCSI-II Fast drive?   I haven't been
able to get any SCSI-II Fast drives to work on NetBSD/pmax yet (but
I'd love to hear stories from people who have!).

> If I turn off the expansion box, disconnect it from the machine and then
> put a scsi terminator on the machine netbsd sees rz0, prints out that
> rz1 is not ready, and then properly sees rz1. It then gives me the
> single user # sign.

I have seen this before.   I think it has to do with drive spinup - if
you boot the machine a second time, it should find both drives
correctly.   I haven't had time to find this or any other bug in the
SCSI driver, unfortunately.   Now that Jonathan's gotten new config to
work, the solution to a lot of these problems may be to just install
the new SCSI driver.