Subject: Re: Pmax kernel changed to use ``new'' config
To: None <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Scott J. Kolodzieski <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 08/10/1995 08:57:20

	Could you put it up for ftp. 

	I had asked a load of question a week or so ago about getting
the pmax port up on my 5000/240. No for the big status report. I
grabed the miniroot from gregorio, ss-95.07.13, and the kernel from 
kernel (date stamp 7/31). After disklabel and dd miniroot on an ultrix
box I took the rz23 (~100MB) disk over to my 240, and did:

>boot 3/rz0/netbsd 

and low and behold it booted, i was able to specify rz0 as the boot 
device, and I got a shell prompt. 

Now the weirdness starts, depending on the phase of the moon when I 
boot off the miniroot, certain executables, "ls", "mount", "cp", etc. 
fail with a segmentation vialation, if I wait a few minutes, and do a
few random commands, they may or may not start working? I was able to 

	ifconfig le0 addr up 
	mount_nfs remote /a 

to work during a few of the boots, and mounted a nfs disk that I had
extracted the base distribution on. If I set the PATH to point to 
all the executables on the NFS mounted disk they all work
perfectly. So it seems like I get random corruption in the miniroot. 

well on to better things, I used these nfs mounted executables tyo
disklabel a micropolis 600 MB drive for the real root and usr space. 
I started part-a at offset 16, and made it 32MB, made part-b follow
part-a of 32MB also, then made part-g follow part-b and be the rest of
the disk. also I had part-c strat at 0 and span the whole disk. I
was able to newfs, and untar base on the new root, and copy the netbsd
kernel from gregorio/kernel (7/31) into the root partition. 

when I try to boot off this disk it loads the kernel and prints the
first two line then reboots, the lines are something like:

loading kernel at <address>

then the system reboots? 

any ideas, I feel I am real close here!