Subject: Re: problem on 2100's
To: Arne H. Juul <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/30/1995 10:16:03
Have you tried this on more than one 2100?   My first suspicion would
be a problem with the SCSI controller.   There's also been some talk
about clustered reads causing problems on 2100s and 3100s.   Also, are
you using the same cabling in the 2100 as in the 3100?   Finally, why
not just take memory from a 2100 and put it in a 3100?   I'm pretty
sure 2100 and 3100 memory SIMMs are interchangeable!

I'd prefer that you try to figure out whether your 2100 is hosed or
your cabling is hosed before swapping out memory, though, since this
could be a bug in the sii driver, and if it is we should know about