Subject: problem on 2100's
To: None <port-pmax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Arne H. Juul <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/30/1995 14:06:29
  I've been trying to install NetBSD on an old disk
I've put on a DS2100.  Since school is out for summer there are some
2100's available for me to experiment on. Also, these have 20 meg of
memory, while the DS3100 I've been trying on until now only has 16.
But I've had big troubles:
   When I boot from the miniroot I'm able to do stuff,
like newfs and mount other partitions, rcp in files, and generally
get going.  But it seems that disk reads or writes (or something) stand
a good chance of getting corrupted. If I do
  "cp netbsd netbsd.old ; cmp netbsd netbsd.old"
it will tell me that the files differ almost every time, and different
places every time.  If I ftp down the binary base.tar.gz snapshot,
and run cksum on it, I get the right checksum.  But gzip always gets
'format violated' or 'crc error' and so on.
   However, if I say directly from ftp:  get base.tar.gz |"tar -xvzpf -"
it actually works.
   The disk works OK with NetBSD on the DS3100 with 16meg memory.
The only differences that I know of between these are clock speed and
amount of memory.

- Arne H. J.