Subject: Re: DECstation 3100 hardware question
To: Lou Ruppert <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/12/1995 17:01:12
> The red diag LED lights are all on, except for the fourth in from
> the right, looking directly at them.  Does anyone know what that
> means, and how to fix it so that I can make sure what I have works,
> before I start OS testing on it?

That means that it thinks the mouse is busted.   Since you don't have
one attached, it's basically right.   If you have one, you should
attach it; otherwise, you need to make a mouse loopback connector so
that it'll know you want to run headless.   Unfortunately, I don't
know how to make such a connector.   Does anybody know the pinouts of
the DIN-7 connector?   Presumably the loopback is just TX to RX...