Subject: Re: 5000/120s
To: Leslie Todd Masco <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/07/1995 15:00:03
Jonathan and I both have code that makes the boot blocks work under
certain circumstances; his work everywhere, but mine don't work on the
DECstation 3100 and 2100.   Mine support DDB, which isn't yet
relevant, whereas his don't.   I thought he might have checked in his
changes, which is why I didn't immediately flame off and indicate that
what you were trying to do wouldn't work, but based on what we've
seen, it sounds like he hasn't checked in his changes, and I know I
haven't checked in mine, so I guess boot block sources aren't
available.   Sigh.   I don't want to check in my changes until they
support the 2100/3100.

Speaking of which, does anybody have a DECstation 2100/3100 video
cable that they can spare?