Subject: Re: 5000/120s
To: James MacKinnon <jmack@Phys.UAlberta.Ca>
From: Leslie Todd Masco <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 06/07/1995 17:48:32
James MacKinnon writes:
 > Aren't they in current as:
 > 13 [11:03pm dene]:/sys/arch/pmax/stand>ls
 > Makefile        conf.c          dec_exec.h      dec_prom.h      mkboot.c
 > rz.c            boot.c          dec_boot.h      dec_label.c     libsa
 > mkboottape.c    start.S
 > rzboot and bootrz are made in this directory. To test it out, make
 > backups of /usr/mdec files, build the ones above, and move them into
 > /usr/mdec. Then run disklabel to install.

Alas, right after supping (/sys/.. is the allsrc sup directory):

zyro# cd /sys/../include
zyro# make install
install -d -o bin -g bin -m 755 /usr/include
zyro# cd /sys/arch/pmax/stand
zyro# make
making sure the kern library is up to date...
`libkern.a' is up to date.
cc -O2 -I/sys/arch/pmax/stand -I/sys/arch/pmax/stand/../.. -I/sys/arch/pmax/stad/../../.. -I/sys/arch/pmax/stand/../../../lib/libsa -DSTANDALONE -DSMALL  -c bot.c
boot.c:45: byteswap.h: No such file or directory
zyro# cd /sys/..
zyro# find . -name byteswap.h -print

Bummer.  A good suggestion anyway, tho...


	-- Todd