Subject: Re: Initial thoughts on NetBSD-pmax
To: Stephen Carpenter , Ted Lemon <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/31/1995 08:26:20
On Jan 30,  4:29pm, Stephen Carpenter wrote:
> >> - Connecting from my DEC OSF/1 systems gives a "arptnew failed"
> >> message on the console.
> >
> >The OSF/1 console or the NetBSD console?
> On the NetBSD console.
> >> - Mounting NFS filesystems hangs the machine.
> >
> >This is bad.   I have been operating with one machine at home and
> >hadn't had a chance to try that yet.   I wonder if this is a NetBSD
> >vs. OSF/1 interoperability problem or complete lossage...
> Actually the NFS problems are with ULTRIX, OSF is fine.

I've been mounting everything except my root filesystem from an Ultrix
4.4 box since day dot without any hassles (and I can mount my NetBSD
root filesystem from the Ultrix box as well).

I do however have a problem mounting Solaris 2.3 filesystems from the
NetBSD box - something really fishy that I haven't had a chance to look
at yet.  If I access the filesystem just after it's mounted in /etc/rc,
then everything's ok, but if I let the rest of /etc/rc run, and then
try and access the filesystem once the machine is in multiuser, that
process goes into disk wait.  I get the same behaviour from an i386
NetBSD box as well.  For now, I just do a "df > /dev/null" straight
after the "mount -a -t nfs" in /etc/rc.  Ugly, but at least I can mount
my home directory :-)

> Stephen.