Subject: Re: BSD for DECStation 3100
To: Scott A. Henderson <>
From: Ted Lemon <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 01/27/1995 10:20:32
Actually, NetBSD is a descendent of BSD-Net2 and 4.4BSD (at this
point, mostly 4.4BSD), although obviously it has its roots in 4.3BSD
and previous releases.

There is a port for the pmax.   It's still a little raw at this stage,
but we do have most of the binaries working, and I *finally* got Emacs
working yesterday.   The binary distribution as it stands now won't be
very useful to you unless you're pretty adventurous, but I now have
two DECstations at home, so I'm about to put together a miniroot
kernel that you can use to install on both DECstation 3100 and
TurboChannel machines.

If you subscribe to the port-pmax mailing list, you'll get a
notification message when that work is ready for you to use.


Ted Lemon
+1 415 477 5045

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