Subject: DECstation NetBSD miniroot available
To: None <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/16/1994 13:00:52
A NetBSD pmax miniroot is available via anonymous FTP from
Gregorio.Stanford.EDU:pub/NetBSD/pmax/miniroot.  This contains a
native a.out NetBSD generic kernel, and a miniroot containing native
NetBSD a.out format executables. The kernel has been recompiled with
"correct" assembler names; the user-level commands still don't have
underscores before external names.  This kernel includes the Ultrix
compatibility changes I've posted to this newsgroup, and clock-driver
fixes from Ralph Campbell.

Bootstrap code that understands the NetBSD native a.out command is in
Gregorio.Stanford.EDU:pub/NetBSD/pmax/miniroot. This bootblock only
drives SCSI disks, and works for me on a 5k/200.

If someone wants to FTP the miniroot and try booting it and let me
know if it works, I'd be grateful.  All I know is, It works on _my_

I'm not sure _how_ to boot this miniroot, other than using a 4.4BSD
/sbin/disklabel to write the bootblock onto disk; I don't think any
existing bootstrap code will load the NetBSD a.out kernel.I don't have
a tapedrive, so I haven't tried to build a tape bootblock.

User-land binaries (_with_ the underscores) will follow RSN.