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> Subject: Re: How about Not prepending underscores to variable names? 
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> > The existing pmax code (such as locore.s) appears to be written to
> > follow the MIPS toolset convention, which is for the C compiler to not
> > prepend an underscore.  From looking at GCC configuration files,
> > 4.4SBD seems to follow the same convention as the mips toolset. 
> > 
> We are not bound by the behavior of the mips toolset.

I used the ULTRIX (MIPS co. based) compiler to bootstrap things so
following the no underscore convention was the easiest thing to do
initially. It does run into a few difficulties like nlist() and some
name conflicts like programs which use the global variable "start", etc.
At this point, NetBSD might reasonably consider switching although I
haven't found the differences all that much of a problem. I would say
it is more esthetic.