Subject: Re: A port to the 3081
To: Gerd Truschinski <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 09/02/1994 20:46:00
> Is there anybody out there who could send me all the older files
> about the pmax port?

there is a mail archive on somewhere.

> I have to port NetBSD to a R3081 board.

funny you should mention that board.  Theo Deraadt has been
investigating info in one of the IDT data sheets that NetBSD had
already been ported to the R3081.  We are not aware of any such port,
though it could be a private one.  Anyway, theo will be back on
tuesday and may be able to advise you further.

> BTW: Is the pmax port a little- or a big endian port?


> If there is anybody out there who wants to know about our
> homebuild board, fell free to e-mail me.

do is this a 3081 board modified or the same design?  respond privately

> /gT/
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