Subject: re: whats new??
To: None <>
From: Terry R. Friedrichsen <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 05/03/1994 09:03:28
Gosh, all this high-powered expertise and lowly me pretending I can hack
Unix kernels ...

I was working on NetBSD/pmax up until mid-January or so, when I got *really*
swamped with my real job.  Misfortunately, the same pmax is involved in both
activities.  I had a bootable kernel built built from the magnum NetBSD tree,
which came up to the point of getting rather confused about allocating the
buffer cache.  There things stood when I had to stand down for a while.

Then, more-or-less simultaneously, it bacame clear that the NetBSD vm code
and the underlying pmax code just weren't singing the same tune, *and* the
Great Lawsuit settled, freeing up 4.4BSD-lite.

Theo and I both came to the conclusion that, rather than hacking any further,
the thing to do was wait for the 4.4 code.  (At least I hope that was your
conclusion, too, Theo!)  I've been trying, without much success, to secure
a second DECstation to boot kernels on; previously, I couldn't manage more
than one or two test boots per day, and that not every day.

I'm still willing to help, especially if I get that second DECstation (which
will probably be a Personal DECStation 5000/25).  I think it'll turn out
better starting with the 4.4 code, anyway.  But if there's really going to
be something ready by USENIX time, wow!

Terry R. Friedrichsen  (Internet)
uunet!sunquest!terry      (Usenet)        (alternate address; I live in Tucson)