Subject: Re: General status information
To: Theo Deraadt <>
From: Arne Henrik Juul <>
List: port-pmax
Date: 11/23/1993 20:12:39
 > Date: Mon, 22 Nov 93 19:15:44 MST
 > From: (Theo Deraadt)
 > To:,
 > Subject: Re:  General status information
 > > What's the status of the port?  I've got a few spare DS2100 or better
 > > class machines sitting around...
 > The code is in the tree almost unchanged from how it was donated.  It
 > needs to be fixed to do things "the NetBSD way".
 > A few people volunteered to help get this code working, but we've not
 > heard much from them.
 > The code is from 4.4 -- hence it is much easier/better to merge it
 > into the NetBSD magnum branch. This branch is (as yet) not available
 > to the net at large... only people who have sun-lamp accounts can work
 > on it easily.
 > The magnum branch does various things as they are done in 4.4. These
 > things ARE important -- it would probably take 4-6 times longer to
 > make the pmax code work in a NetBSD-current environment. A number of
 > ports already use the magnum tree (sparc, sun3) and others are being
 > changed to use it (i386, pc532). Yes.. that means there are about 4
 > people familiar with what changes need to be made.
 > So, if you're a wiley hacker who wants to make this happen, get in
 > touch with me. (It should not take too long if you pay close attention
 > to what had to be changed to make the sparc port fit in, perhaps 2
 > weeks till you are able to build a crash-and-burn kernel.)
 > I would *love* to see this port working.

I was one of those who looked into this, but I soon realized I do
not have the know-how needed to make it work, and I definitely
do not have the time to aquire that know-how. All I have done so
far is fixing "Makefile.pmax" and "files.pmax" so the generic parts
of the kernel builds (anyone want this, I can send it, but this part
is pretty simple). The following files do not compile:

and the makefile didn't know how to make:

While a couple seemed minor, some of these errors were pretty
fundamental, and I wouldn't know where to start (probably should try to
grok the code better first).

Yours (and sorry I could not do more),

  Arne H. J.