Subject: Pegasos port status
To: None <>
From: DataZap <>
List: port-ofppc
Date: 07/11/2006 22:25:50

I was wondering if anyone is still working on porting to Pegasos. I have
seen alot of posts about it, and it looks like some people have been able
to get to the login, but I can't find any thing after that. Is any one
still actively working on this?

I am not a programmer, but I would really like to see what has been done.
Could people who have worked on this project please send me whatever code
you have? I would like to try to work on this myself.

Also, I have talking to Bill from genesi-usa and he said that he would
still like to see things move forward. It would really be good if we could
get NetBSD to work on this system. Why should people running linux have
all the fun?