Subject: Re: next68k port status?
To: Timm Wetzel <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 10/20/2003 13:17:20
On Monday, October 20, 2003, at 02:33  AM, Timm Wetzel wrote:

> Recently I noticed the SPARC boot/disklabel support in cdrecord, and I 
> wondered whether the next68k disklabel could also exist on an ISO CD. 
> But it seems the NeXT label starts at the beginning of the disk 
> (LABELSECTOR == LABELOFFSET == 0), so it probably won't fit on an ISO 
> CD.

Well, now that I think about it, if NeXT required use of a floppy to 
run NeXTSTEP from a CD-ROM, then it seems unlikely we'll easily figure 
it out either.

>>  - doesn't have full wscons support (virtual terminals)
> Is this supported for any framebuffer-only port? I always thought the 
> ports which had this used the text capabilities of VGA hardware (or 
> similar?).

Oh, OK.

> More specifically, with the 2003-10-15 -current releng snapshot 
> (1.6ZD) my ADB color turbo can netboot the kernel, but it freezes hard 
> immediately after the wsdisplay0 line (no reaction to ping, keyboard, 
> NMI, power switch; no network activity after the kernel load). Well, 
> at least the booter works, and the display is also fine.

Oh well.  Please file a PR so we don't forget that ADB needs work.

> I'll try with my other slab soon (ADB-capable color turbo with non-ADB 
> periphery). Has anyone recently tested a non-ADB turbo?

Last year, but it would be nice to know that -current still works on 
turbo NeXT systems (and how well).

   -- MW