Subject: Re: next68k port status?
To: None <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 10/17/2003 16:32:59
Seems like we're drifting off topic of what's supported.  So, to 

  - a few people say SCSI is working, tho I'm having trouble on my 
non-Turbo cube
  - There's no easy way to install onto a disk as sysinst doesn't exist
  - installboot(8) doesn't work
  - disklabel -B doesn't work
  - dbj may have time to get NeXT FFS working, but probably won't
  - doesn't have full wscons support (virtual terminals)
  - doesn't support screenblank

That's it for the definitive answers.  I've gotten some private "maybe" 
and "it should do that, but I've never tested it" responses.  Anyone 
else care to give me definitive yes/no answers on the rest of my 

I've tried to answer some myself, but can't compile a working kernel 
(much less one with ISO 9660 filesystem) and can't get SCSI booting 
working -- gzip fails when trying to check the distribution .tgz files. 
  I'll provide more detail later.

Meanwhile, I'd appreciate help filling in the blanks in the 
   -- MW

Which of these work (and how well -- 
  - 68030-25 2-bit grayscale (NeXT Computer) - NeXT_CUBE?
  - 68040-33 2-bit grayscale (NeXTcube Turbo) - NeXT_TURBO_MONO?
  - 68040-33 2-bit grayscale (NeXTstation Turbo) - NeXT_TURBO_MONO?
  - 68040-33 16-bit color (NeXTstation Color Turbo) - NeXT_TURBO_COLOR?

Hardware support
  - Do ADB peripherals (kbd/mouse) work?
  - Is SCSI *reliably* working (hard drives and CD-ROMs)?
  - What about ISO 9660 file systems?  GENERIC seems to have it 
commented out.

OS support
  - What's the X server status?

Misc support
  - Any work on optical drive support?
  - Any work on NeXT-style CD-ROM support?
  - Any work on floppy support?
  - NeXT Printers?
  - NeXTdimension displays?