Subject: Re: next68k port status?
To: None <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 10/16/2003 18:05:44
On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 05:06:49PM -0400, gabriel rosenkoetter wrote:
> On Wed, Oct 15, 2003 at 09:03:02PM +0200, Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> > I don't know, what's the problem with mac68k ?
> mac68ks lose a massive amount of time during disk access, because
> clock interrupts are at a lower--or the same?--priority as I/O
> interrupts, so they get postponed till after the I/O is done. My
> understanding is that this is true under any OS, but Mac OS shows it
> a bit less by cheating and guessing how long it took to do a disk
> access.

No, that's not the problem here

> > Here the date is always in 1932 when booting (which breacks a lot of things,
> > because it's a negative time_t)
> You sure that's not just a dead clock battery?

May be, but it's not the only problem. At each boot (warm or cold) I get
a different date. 

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