Subject: next68k port status?
To: None <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 09/30/2003 11:12:13
Howdy next68k folk,

Since we're approaching a new major release, I figure it's time to 
update the docs.

So, I know these models work (I've got a NeXT_X15):
  - 68040-25 2-bit grayscale (NeXTcube) - NeXT_X15
  - 68040-25 2-bit grayscale (NeXTstation) - NeXT_WARP9
  - 68040-25 16-bit color (NeXTstation Color) - NeXT_WARP9C

Which of these work (and how well -- 
  - 68030-25 2-bit grayscale (NeXT Computer) - NeXT_CUBE?
  - 68040-33 2-bit grayscale (NeXTcube Turbo) - NeXT_TURBO_MONO?
  - 68040-33 2-bit grayscale (NeXTstation Turbo) - NeXT_TURBO_MONO?
  - 68040-33 16-bit color (NeXTstation Color Turbo) - NeXT_TURBO_COLOR?

Hardware support
  - Do ADB peripherals work?
  - Is SCSI reliably working (hard drives and CD-ROMs)?
    By this, I mean are there no sneaky gotchas involved in booting and 
using SCSI
    hard drives and CD-ROMs?  Is it a preferred method of installing 
  - What about ISO 9660 file systems?  GENERIC seems to have it 
commented out.
  - Can you partition a disk to boot both NeXTSTEP/OPENSTEP and NetBSD, 
or is it
    one disk per OS?

OS support
  - What boot methods are available (aside from netboot and SCSI HD)?
  - Shouldn't it have sysinst if it supports booting from hard drives?
  - Compatibility with NeXT format file systems (read/write)?
    Isn't it the same that MacOS X uses (which is supported in 
  - What's the X server status?
  - Does it have full wscons support (i.e. virtual terminals)?
  - I couldn't get screenblank to work.
    That'd be really nice for the old mono monitors.
  - COMPAT_NEXT?  (OK, it's a long shot, but COMPAT_DARWIN works now)

Misc support
  - Any work on optical drive support?
  - Any work on NeXT-style CD-ROM support?
  - Any work on floppy support?
  - NeXT Printers?
  - NeXTdimension displays?

Anything else I'm missing?

   -- MW