Subject: Re: SCSI support
To: Christian Limpach <>
From: Goran Koruga <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 06/10/2002 09:22:04
On Sat, 8 Jun 2002 00:46:35 +0200, Christian Limpach wrote:

> could you do the following (and anybody else who cares about getting
> media selection working...)
> at the NeXT> prompt in the ROM Monitor:
> NeXT>eb 0x20c0034 0x20c0034
> once with an utp cable present, once without preferably just after
> stating the machine and before it ever tried to access the network. 
> Then enter 00 and try again with and without cable, then enter 90 and
> try again with and without cable...  Thanks.
> Mine looks like this:
> NeXT>eb 0x20c0034 0x20c0034   [starting without cable]
> 20c0034: 60?   [insert cable]
> 20c0034: 40? 00
> 20c0034: 40?   [remove cable]
> 20c0034: 60? 90
> 20c0034: f0?    [insert cable]
> 20c0034: d0?

If I understand the above correctly, I should power on and then type eb
.... and it should display a prompt. Then when I insert a cable it should
jump into a new line printing something else and wait for me to input
stuff again ? Well for me it only prints the following :

20c0034: b0 ?

And then nothing happens. I have tried starting with and without cable,
and I also tried typing 00 and 90, but to no avail. Am I doing something
wrong here ?

It says I have Monitor 2.5 (v66).



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