Subject: Re: SCSI support
To: Goran Koruga <>
From: Christian Limpach <chris@Pin.LU>
List: port-next68k
Date: 06/08/2002 00:46:35
> Thanks again for the kernel. I am using twisted pair, and it prints the
> following :
> media: 0 b0

could you do the following (and anybody else who cares about getting media
selection working...)
at the NeXT> prompt in the ROM Monitor:
NeXT>eb 0x20c0034 0x20c0034
once with an utp cable present, once without preferably just after stating
the machine and before it ever tried to access the network.  Then enter 00
and try again with and without cable, then enter 90 and try again with and
without cable...  Thanks.
Mine looks like this:
NeXT>eb 0x20c0034 0x20c0034   [starting without cable]
20c0034: 60?   [insert cable]
20c0034: 40? 00
20c0034: 40?   [remove cable]
20c0034: 60? 90
20c0034: f0?    [insert cable]
20c0034: d0?