Subject: Re: SCSI support
To: Goran Koruga <>
From: Christian Limpach <chris@Pin.LU>
List: port-next68k
Date: 05/30/2002 20:31:42

> I have tried the snapshot from in NetBSD-daily dir and your
> SCSI kernel with console support. It worked for a while, then I get the
> following error :
> xe0: out of receive DMA buffers

hmm, I hope this is unfortunate :-(  By design this panic indicates that the
machine was not handling incoming packets fast enough and that the queue had
filled up.  I've only had this happen once or twice.  In this case, I think
there is some condition which somehow shuts down network receiving.  One
reason might be that too much code runs at too high interrupt levels and
this locks up or that some structures are not properly protected from being
updated from interrupt handlers.

Does this happen all the time?  Is your network busy?  Was the machine doing
anything at the time?

> NetBSD next 1.5ZX NetBSD 1.5ZC (SCSI) #0 Wed May 29 01:44:51 CEST 2002
> chris@marble:/devel/netbsd/current-scsi/sys/arch/next68k/compile/SCSI
> next68k
> Machine is 25Mhz mono, and I am net-booting it for the moment (bootp and
> NFS server are on Linux).

sounds good...  same here...

> > You'll probably need an updated bootloader since the old one can't
> > load ELF kernels:
> >
> > llation/net/boot
> Is this specifically for booting from disk ?

no.  When I tried current a couple of weeks ago I couldn't boot any new
kernel at all since my bootloader was very old and didn't support ELF.  I
thought that other people might have the same problem since there were some
things broken in current for a couple of months which prevented new kernels
from booting at all (like the trampoline jump in locore.s which got
optimized to a pc-relative branch with a recent assembler upgrade...)