Subject: Re: Re. SCSI support
To: Alex Popov <>
From: Christian Limpach <chris@Pin.LU>
List: port-next68k
Date: 05/30/2002 02:48:32
> Forgive me for a lame question I am new to netBSD: what do I need to do to
> run it on my NeXT?

First you should follow the instructions in INSTALL.html to get a setup
which boots over the network.  (INSTALL.html comes with any
release/snapshot, the .txt/.more files are broken right now)
Then you can use disklabel to label a disk and create partitions.  Right
now, our disklabel can't coexist with the NeXT disklabel.  Making a
partition for NetBSD while keeping your NeXTstep partitions is possible but
rather tricky.  Also we can't mount NeXTstep filesystems at the moment
:-(  I'm adding support for the NeXTstep disklabels right now...

In any case, if you have a spare disk, then I'd suggest using that, at least
for now.

> You mentioned something about leaving 320 sectors for bootblocks - does it
> mean I need to repartition my hard drive?

No.  If your disk is partitioned with NeXTstep right now, then there are
probably already 320 sectors reserved, this area is what's called
front_porch in the NeXT disklabel.  I only mentioned this for people who
were going to label a new disk and if you want to boot off that disk later
you'll need some space at the beginning for the NeXT disklabel and the
bootblocks.  You probably won't need 320 sectors but that seems to be the
default (or at least what I used for all disks I ever had on NeXTstep when I
didn't know/care what the front_porch was ;-))