Subject: Re: NeXT printers
To: Tom Plagge <>
From: M <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 09/28/2000 19:03:48
Tom Plagge wrote:

> I have the chance to obtain a slab here in a few days, and I know very little about the
> platform.  I've been running NetBSD/pmax for some time now, though, and I'm rather
> looking forward to trying it out on a NeXT box.  My question has to do with the
> black NeXT printers. I couldn't seem to find any documentation on them.  Should they
> Just Work, or am I going to have to write some code first?

If your running NeXT step or openstep then it will just work.
Not sure about your chances with NetBSD but I dont think anyone either has any
documentation on them or has written drivers for them.

I susspect it will be hard to reverse engineer as the interface from the next to the
printer seems a little special ;)