Subject: turbo DMA testbed?
To: NetBSD/next68k developers list <>
From: Timm Wetzel <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 09/05/2000 20:04:07
Does anybody know of an easy-to-use DMA channel on a turbo slab?

I am poking at the DMA code trying to make it work on a turbo, and I'd
really like to test it with a straightforward example.
(Video, perhaps, for some immediate visual feedback?)

Background: The ethernet DMA code is apparently quite a special case.
I am getting lots of ENRX/ENTX interrupts before even a single packet
is sent, although this is more likely a matter of wrong device
initialization. (I (think that I) tried both the NS and the current NetBSD
register writes, but the code seems to be structured quite differently.)

Any other experiences in this area?

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