Subject: Re: toe in the water
To: Darrin B. Jewell <jewell@mit.EDU>
From: David Griffiths <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 08/16/1999 15:19:45
Darrin B. Jewell wrote:
> Thanks to Rolph Grossman, NetBSD already has this functionality.  The
> boot loader in
> can read a kernel from the root directory of a scsi disk and boot it.
> Even so, if your sources are available, I will take a look at them.  I
> would like to see if there's anything you noticed that I've been forgetting.

I did wonder what that was for, but since the documentation only ever
talks about netbooting NetBSD I assumed that it must be work in
progress. I did take a quick peek at it yesterday and my initial
impression was that it is a lot more complicated than the Plan 9 one. 

All this stuff is at home, so will send you something tonight.