Subject: Re: toe in the water
To: David Griffiths <>
From: Darrin B. Jewell <jewell@mit.EDU>
List: port-next68k
Date: 08/16/1999 10:04:00
Thanks to Rolph Grossman, NetBSD already has this functionality.  The
boot loader in
can read a kernel from the root directory of a scsi disk and boot it.
Even so, if your sources are available, I will take a look at them.  I
would like to see if there's anything you noticed that I've been forgetting.


David Griffiths <> writes:
> As mentioned in a previous message, I'm soon going to be working on the
> port of Linux to black hardware. At the moment I'm writing a boot
> loader. The idea is that you boot this from the main disk and it will
> then load the Linux kernel from the same disk. So it has to do SCSI.
> I've had a chance to examine the Plan 9 source and as a result this
> weekend managed to get SCSI inquire plus a read of the disk label
> working. It's slightly easier in my case because I don't make use of the
> MMU. But there is strange stuff going on in the Plan 9 SCSI driver, with
> comments such as "NeXT Brain Damage"! I know porting to black hardware
> was a "painful" operation for them so studying their source could
> probably save you a lot of grief. I can tidy up and send you what I've
> done so far if you like, it may contain the vital clue. On the other
> hand I've only read the first block and verified that it contains a
> label in the right place and so on, so there's no gaurantee it doesn't
> suffer the same problems as yours.
> Cheers,
> Dave