Subject: boston area: next computers available saturday
To: None <,,,>
From: Darrin B. Jewell <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 05/14/1999 20:42:34
I have had a handful of NeXT computers donated to me with the
intention that I could get them to people that would make good use of
them.  I tend to think that a good use is running and debugging
NetBSD/next68k, but that's just my slant on the problem.

To that end, if you would like a NeXT computer and can pick it up in
Central Sq., Cambridge Saturday afternoon, send me email.

I have rented a uhaul and need people to help load any remaining
computers into it.  If you are in the vicinity of MIT, I can swing by
with the van and drop it off for you, provided that you come help load
the van.

I need help loading the van starting at 3pm on
Saturday afternoon at:

  Boston Dynamics Inc.
  614 Massachusetts ave,
  Cambridge, MA 02139

(This is where I work and where the computers have been temporarily
stored) I can be reached by phone at 617-868-5600 x24.

Directions are available online:
Please send me mail if you can come help out.

I have about 8 mono monitors and a dozen working NeXTstations left, as
well as some extra motherboards, cases, keyboards and cables.  More
notes on the machines:
  . a few have a little memory and/or a small hard disk, but don't expect any
  . there are no mice.  There are instructions available on the net for
     using a standard logitech bus mouse
  . none of these machines are adb
  . only non-turbo machines will currently run NetBSD due to the lack of
     documentation for the dma controller.  Of course, NeXTstep will
     run on turbo machines.
  . I have plenty of keyboards, monitor cables and power cables so I will
     nclude the appropriate cables with each machine.
  . the slabs and monitors have been tested.  none of the mono-monitors
     are spectacularly non-dim.  many of the mono monitors are missing
     their base "duck" stands.
  . the cubes have not been tested, but the ones we've tried so far
  . There are more machines than monitors.  There are instructions
     on the net for building a simple device to turn it on without a
     monitor. (The power switch is on the keyboard which plugs into
     the monitor on mono machines.)
  . mono monitors are special, but color machines can probably deal
     with a regular monitor with the right 13w3 gender bender.