Subject: next68k status & 1.4 release cycle
To: None <>
From: Darrin B. Jewell <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 03/23/1999 02:47:50
NetBSD is about to enter a release cycle for 1.4.  This is
an update on the status of the next68k platform for that release,
and a call for volunteers to do some testing and documentation

NetBSD/next68k is an "experimental port" of the NetBSD operating
system and will remain so for the 1.4 release.  However, I am
planning on going through motions for the release cycle, even
though the port is mostly just useful to developers interested
in working on the software.  I am hoping this will provide a
baseline for testing, squeeze out some undiscovered bugs, flesh
out some of the documentation, and increase interest in the port.

Unfortunately, this means that I am halting work on the troublesome
SCSI driver until after the 1.4 release.  I was really hoping to have
it working in time, but unfortunately this didn't happen.  The
software is close, but there are some unknown timing, ordering, and
alignment restrictions that keep things from working harmoniously.  I
do expect to continue working on this driver after the 1.4 dust

I am hoping to get video console and keyboard support into the
release.  Matt is furiously working on some last minute changes
that I hope to commit this week.  I'll let him fill in details
once he gets the chance.

I'm going to need help testing this software before the release,
and much more importantly writing documentation.  There has
been no effort so far to create port specific INSTALL instructions
or even updating the netbooting HOWTO.  Notice that the next68k
portion of src/distrib/notes is empty.  I am not going to have the
time to fill that in, so it's only going to happen if a couple of
people volunteer.  Send mail to if you
would like to contribute.

I'm firing up a machine now to start building a new snapshot.  I'll
send more mail once there is a snapshot in place.  I will be spending
most of my NetBSD development time in the next few weeks coaxing
snapshot builds and fixing important bugs.

If you have a non-turbo NeXT machine you've been meaning to dig out
and boot, now is a good time to do so.  The port does still require a
host machine to nfs export a root filesystem and a serial port
console.  I'm hoping to see some traffic on the port-next68k list with
feedback and help once I get a snapshot up.  If you discover bugs, use
send-pr or fill in the form on the web at
We have our own category "port-next68k".


Darrin B. Jewell
NetBSD/next68k portmaster