Subject: Next M68K Schematics posted to
To: None <>
From: Balazs Pataki <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 03/16/1999 11:45:52

Charles Dvorak <> posted this to the black-linux list
but I guess readers of this list would find it interesting as well. So here's
the original message:

Hello all,

I have posted the following schematics for original Next hardware to
the web:

Turbo Cube Motherboard
      PDF format
Turbo Color Slab Motherboard
      16 pages
      PDF format

The Web address for anonymous ftp is:

These schematics were drawn from the originals.
The ReADMEs will fill you in on the details.

To come within a week:
Signal Cross Reference for Circuits for the Turbo Cube Motherboard.
      45 pages
      GIF format

Feedback is welcome as are questions.
Feel free to contact me at:

Charles Dvorak
Los Angeles, California