Subject: Re: Newer kernel?
To: Darrin B. Jewell <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 03/13/1999 00:15:57
Darrin B. Jewell writes:
> These stray level 3 interrupts are scsi interrupts that are ocurring
> with no scsi device driver to handle them.  This happens sometimes if
> you interrupted a disk boot to get back to the rom monitor.  The
> current sources shouldn't have this problem, since they have a scsi
> driver that works well enough to probe and configure the scsi bus.

Excellent.  This is working for me, the fpsp workaround helped me build
a kernel from my i386 box.  I now have my cube up and running, and it is
working on a kernel right now.

> Unfortunately, the scsi driver currently drops out data so it isn't
> useful to mount disks yet.  I am working on it daily. Unfortunately,
> writing drivers by trial and error leads to lots of mysterious race
> conditions.

Great work so far!

> I will put up a new kernel from the current sources this evening.
> Alternately, the kernel from the december snapshot should work if you
> don't let the rom try to boot from the scsi disk before interrupting
> it.
> Darrin

I'm set for a kernel right now I think, but it would be a good idea
to have that kernel available, so others won't have these problems.
Even with dropping to the monitor before disk activity, the December
kernel "froze" after a few minutes.  A freshly cross-compiled kernel
is still up and running after about an hour, so it appears much more
stable on my cube than the snapshot one.

Thanks everybody!

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