Subject: Re: nextdimension configuration
To: matt debergalis <deberg@MIT.EDU>
From: Christopher R. Bowman <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 02/17/1999 16:54:02
At 11:24 AM 2/17/99 -0500, matt debergalis wrote:
>is anyone familiar w/ how to properly configure a cube w/ a dimension
>board?  darrin and i spent some time setting this up last nite, but the
>results were suboptimal.
>the only working configuration we found was to plug a mono monitor into
>the processor board and plug a keyboard into that.  then, we plugged a
>color monitor into the dimension.  this worked, but leaves a dark mono
>monitor that's not doing anything, which seems wrong.
>just hooking a color soundbox to the dimension using the next y-cable
>and having nothing plugged into the processor board didn't work.  also,
>running a straight-mono cable from the processor board to a soundbox,
>plugging a keyboard into that, and plugging the color monitor into the
>dimension didn't work.
>it really doesn't make much sense that you need a dead mono monitor to
>have this setup working.  anyone know if there's a better way?
>thanks... matt
>matt debergalis <> KB1CTH
>finger for PGP key

Some cubes have power supplies that are tuned to use the load of the display as
one of the circuit components and the long and short is that these power
supplies can't run with just a sound box and Dimension display and no mono
display.  I know I have one of these boxes and when I hit the power key it
powers down in about a second.

The setup you have in the first 2 paragraphs is what you want.  But once you
power on, as root you want to open the prefs panel and scroll to the panel all
the way on the right which has 2 screen icons.  There you should have a
NeXTDimension and a MegaPixel.  Click on the MegaPixel and click on.  Be sure
to drag the login prompt to the Dimension display (the machine slows down if
you don't) and arrange the displays as you like.  That should be it.
Oh yes, you probably have to reboot after you set like this.

Let me know if you have any problems 
Christopher R. Bowman