Subject: next68k wscons status
To: None <>
From: matt debergalis <deberg@MIT.EDU>
List: port-next68k
Date: 01/07/1999 05:26:52
a status update on the wscons stuff i've been working on...

i've finished a basic console implementation for the next68k port, using
wscons.  this includes basic drivers for the non-adb NeXT keyboard and
the 2 bit per pixel (non-color) NeXT framebuffer.

much work remains, but what exists now is good enough to use as a
console instead of using the serial line.  note that for now, the system
console is still the serial line - i haven't written the glue code to
allow the NeXT to boot on the direct console yet.

also please note that this code is (currently) highly specific for my
actual hardware.  it will not work with color nextstations, or with adb
keyboards.  i probably won't get to supporting color until i get a
working color machine - mine's currently a bit handicapped.  adb will
likely wait for turbo support, since my older machines don't have adb
support in the bootrom.  (while i don't think this is strictly
necessary, it would be impossible to use the NeXT rom monitor with such
a configuration.)

to use the console code, you'll need to grab a new kernel at

and install it in your root partition.  (there is a snapshot and a
README file on - follow those instructions, then install
this kernel on top of it.)

you'll also need to enable the console tty.  grab the current MAKEDEV
for NetBSD/next68k in the same directory as above, install it in /etc,
and run 

sh ./MAKEDEV wscons

to create the new device nodes.  Then, add a line like

ttyE0   "/usr/libexec/getty Pc" unknown on secure

to /etc/ttys to turn on the getty for the console.  A console should
appear at the end of the bootup sequence.  (or kill -HUP 1 to start it

[unfortunately, there's an instability in the current next68k dma
code, so this kernel isn't as stable as the kernel included with the
december snapshot.]

i'd appreciate people trying this out and letting me know how things
go.  if you're having difficulty bringing up the initial snapshot, i'm
taking a break for the next few days to write up some netbooting
documentation, so stay tuned.

matt debergalis <> KB1CTH
finger for PGP key