Subject: Re: Status?
To: Mark -Hex- Hershberger <>
From: Zach Brown <>
List: port-next68k
Date: 10/05/1998 19:42:57
[apologies to bsd heads for spewing linux crap here, but there are some
	bits you may care about :)]

On Mon, 5 Oct 1998, Mark -Hex- Hershberger wrote:

> I've been looking around for a different OS to run on my NeXTstation
> Turbo Color.  I have heard of a Linux port and a NetBSD port, but the
> NetBSD port seems more active (at least I can find information and a
> mailing list).

I'm the extent of the linux port at the moment as far as I can tell.  It
appears the people who once ran web pages and stuff for the project have
fallen off the face of the earth.. but I don't have the energy to maintain
anything.  There is a mailing list but for reasons I don't understand it
still has a closed subscription policy.  Send mail to to be added to it... and yell at him
about the closed policy :)

I have a crummy snapshot on

but its old and doesn't have some features that my current tree does
(cubes booting, for one).  And it doesn't do anything remotely
interesting.  I almost have ethernet going and that will give you a
nfsrootable linux box..

so, the part bsd people care about :)  I have code that reads non adb
keyboards and mice (using the mon thingy) and will gladly help out whoever
wants to get the netbsd console working.  Its very straight forward :) I
also have a machine with the old style rtc so I can try out kernels when
you guys pretty up the rtc code.

-- zach

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