Subject: HEADS UP: (repeat!) mipse[bl] splitting
To: Erik Bertelsen <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: port-newsmips
Date: 02/15/1999 09:32:50
Some people seem to have missed my original heads-up, which was Bcc:'d to
port-mips, port-pmax, port-newsmips.

On Sun, 14 Feb 1999, Erik Bertelsen wrote:

: Maybe I'm just falling in between several updates making up a feature,
: but from today's sources, where mips is being replaced mipsel and
: mipseb, I experienced build problems in sys/lib/libkern and lib/csu, where
: files that currently live in a directory mips are sought in mipsel
: on my pmax.
: Is the intention to bend the build tools to reach back to .../mips
: or to split/copy .../mips into .../mipsel and .../mipseb directories?

The Makefiles will be fixed; the directory names will not change. Special
case or not, big-endian and little-endian cannot share MACHINE_ARCH; this
was decided some months ago.

However, the work is not yet done, so much of the source tree does not build
right now because of this.  I shall send another heads-up when the work is

-- Todd Vierling (Personal; Bus.