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NOTE: mipseb, mipsel splitting in -current

I am working on splitting mipseb and mipsel over this week.  During this
time, parts of the -current tree WILL NOT BUILD, particularly in src/gnu and
src/lib.  I am adding the kernel changes right now such that problems in
pkgsrc can be caught ASAP.

I will send out a message when it's OK to build stuff in src/gnu - at that
time, you will need to update your kernel to one that has mipse[bl] as
MACHINE_ARCH, and/or pass the appropriate value in make(1)'s environment
variables.  This is doubly important for newsmips (mipseb), as "mips" is not
appropriate for pkgsrc and the like.

-- Todd Vierling (Personal tv%pobox.com@localhost; Bus. 

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