Subject: Can't make disk bootable.
To: None <>
From: Jochen Kunz <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 09/21/2006 18:46:53

I am trying to install NetBSD 4.99.2 (from Tue Sep 19) on a MVME167
based machine. I netbooted the machine, disklabel(8), newfs(8),
un-tar(1)ed dist sets, made devices, ... and finaly run installboot as
explained in INSTALL.txt. Target disk is mounted on /mnt, bootsd and
bootxx are in / of the target disk.
# chroot /mnt
# /usr/mdec/installboot -v /bootsd /bootxx /dev/rsd0a
boot: /bootsd
proto: /bootxx
device: /dev/rsd0a
/bootxx: entry point 0x2d008
proto bootblock size 4096
room for 64 filesystem blocks at 0x3f029c
Will load 3 blocks of size 8192 each.
0: 11408
1: 11424
2: 11406

When I try to boot I get now:
167-Diag>bo 0,0,a:
Booting from: VME167, Controller 0, Drive 0
Loading: a:

Volume: NBSD

Boot Controller/Drive Error
Packet Status: 0008
Additional Error Status: 2803

Any idea how to get the disk bootable?

(I wane run some tests on that machine with a MVME147. As that CPU board
is a bit painfull to netboot I would like to heve a bootable disk.)