Subject: Re: A24 access with 32MB onboard?
To: None <>
From: Steve Woodford <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 04/02/2004 15:07:41
On Friday 02 April 2004 2:37 pm, 

> I need A24D8 access. How can I get that?

According to the Motorola docs, the VMEchip2 cannot do D8 
local-bus->VMEbus transfers. It supports D8 in the VMEbus->local-bus 
direction only. 

Note that the docs are ambiguous in a few places, and it looks like when 
I implemented the VMEchip2 driver, I assumed D8 was possible. I'm now 
sure this is not the case...

> So, master#1 is A32 and master#2 is A24.
> But how do I know which Dxx that is?

D16/D32 is selected through bit 7 of the 'Master Control #n' setting. 
When it's zero, D32 is enabled. Else you get D16.

> I need A24D8 access for certain card.

Not possible, I'm afraid.

Cheers, Steve