Subject: The penny stock picker has had 6 straight winners
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From: Eileen Roson <>
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Date: 12/07/2003 22:35:36
Investor Hot Picks - Vol. 7, Issue 24
Urgent Stock Alert!

The Most Undervalued and Undiscovered
Oil and Gas Play on the OTC!

DMT Energy, Inc. (DMTY)
Recommended Price: .50
One Week Target: 2.00


DMTY has just put itself on the map with the announcement of valuable 
strategic alliances combined with the completed acquisitions of substantial 
working interests expected to provide an excellent revenue stream.

DMTY has already scored with a gas strike in the initial drilling as part of a 
37.5% working interest with reports indicating that gas is present in multiple

Additionally, it is anticipated that DMTY's partnership with Avenger 
Petroleum in areas of extremely prolific production will result in a multi-
million dollar windfall for the Company.

In a series of well-timed maneuvers, DMTY has netted further working 
interests of 30% and 21% in 2 drilling operations enhancing growth and 
development as a significant independent oil and gas exploration and 
production Company.

We are expecting DMTY to release major news announcements regarding 
production figures on multiple projects in high-gear. With a very small float 
estimated at less than 2 million shares, DMTY should gap sharply to the 
upside; dramatically transforming from an unknown stock formerly 
overlooked by investors.   

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