To: None <>
From: johnson bechamba <>
List: port-mvme68k
Date: 02/22/2002 23:12:43

I know you will be surprised to receive this letter.

My name is JOHNSON BECHAMBA, the junior brother of
late Laurent Kabila, the former President of the
Democratic Republic of Congo (D.R.C).

I got yourcontact through the South African
Information Exchange(S.A.I.E.) regarding your country
worthy, as such I decided to ask for your assistance
to transfer some money out of South Africa into your
personal orcompany account.

I was the National Security Adviser to his government
and I gave him any full support to fight the rebels
out of D.R.C.

By virtue of my rank and status in his government, I
am supposed to be installed as the next President of
the country.
But as the situation will have it, and not out of
sentiment by some of the officers in the cabinet, the
government was handed over his son.

This made me lose interest in the government and I
discontinued my service with them.

My late brother Laurent Kabila left with me US$30
Million (Thirty Million United States Dollars) which
is meant for my purchase of ammunition to strengthen
the coalition of soldiers from different countries
fighting the rebel in our country. 

Because of the apathy of the government in power and
with huge sum in possession. 

I quickly made arrangement to take this money for
security reasons and moved it to South Africa and it
is now deposited with a Security and Finance Company.

I am presently living in South Africa as an asylum
seeker and the Financial Laws of the Republic of South
Africa do not allow asylum seeker certain financial
In view of this you are expected to come down
to South Africa an open a non-resident account where
the fund will be lodged in and subsequently be
transferred into your nominated account overseas.

Because of the way in which the money was acquired not
to invest the money anywhere in Africa, hence my
asking you to assist me transfer outside South Africa
for investment purposes.

For your efforts 20% of the total sum of the money
will be yours if you assist me transfer this money
into your account overseas.

I have also decided to use 5% of this money to settle
for any expenses we may incur during the process of
this transfer.

The balance I intend to invest in profitable ventures
in your country or elsewhere you may advise.

From the above, you will understand that my entire
life and future depends on this money, as such, I
shall be very grateful if you can assist me.

Please note that this transaction is 100% risk free
and the major thing I demand from you is absolute
assurance that the money will be safe when transferred
to your account.

If you will be of assistance, please for
security reasons I will like you to call me on my
telephone number before sending me a fax message.

I am looking forward to your urgent reply.

Best regard and God bless you.

TELL:27834219606.REPLY TO THIS FAX:+27824383673

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